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Our Story

ERUDITUS® is a contemporary publishing house created to advance scholarly and educational publications and reach a wider audience.

We love publishing erudite books and we pride ourselves on  spreading our passion and knowledge with people from all around the world.

ERUDITUS® publishes scholarly peer-reviewed journals, academic books, monographs, text-books and educational books for all ages with a focus on humanities and social sciences.

Since our founding we have always worked to provide top-quality service a long with a personal approach, Whether you are looking for an addition to your growing collection or you want to start a fascinating new book, our collective are always here for you.

Books and Coffee

Legal Notes

Editorial Internacional “ERUDITUS”, S.L. (hereinafter, ERUDITUS® or Publisher), located at 3B, 41 Maisonnave Ave., Alicante, 03003 Spain, NIF B42778837 (Registro Mercantil de Alicante, Asiento 1/358/1.371 Folio 202, Protocolo 87) is a private-owned limited liability company acting as an independent publishing house and does not receive any external financial or non-financial support.

ERUDITUS® is the registered trademark of Editorial Internacional ERUDITUS S.L. ​This trade name in accordance with the Trade Mark Act 17, dated 7 December 2001 grants the Exclusive Right to its holder to use to identify the company, its products and services.

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